Adun Samathi
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Published on Jun 1, 2019in Annales De Paleontologie0.68
Adun Samathi (University of Bonn), Phornphen Chanthasit , Paul Sander (University of Bonn)
Abstract Several non-avian theropod dinosaurs, as well as some Mesozoic birds, have been reported from Southeast Asia. The fossils are dominantly found in northeastern Thailand, however, one bizarre theropod has been described from Laos, one theropod has been reported from Malaysia, and some avian and non-avian theropods have been recently reported from Myanmar. The temporal distribution of Southeast Asian theropods ranges from the Late Jurassic to the mid-Cretaceous. All non-avian theropod faun...
Published on Oct 1, 2018in Cretaceous Research2.12
Tito Aureliano2
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Tito Aureliano (UFSCar: Federal University of São Carlos)+ 5 AuthorsP Martinsander32
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(University of Bonn)
Abstract Spinosaurinae are known to have a strong relationship with aquatic environments, involving several anatomical adaptations. Nonetheless, this group of theropods remains enigmatic, due to the relative incompleteness of its fossil record. A large partial tibia from the Aptian-Albian Romualdo Formation, Northeast Brazil, is herein described through anatomical comparisons and paleohistological analyzes. It features characteristics previously only observed in Spinosaurus aegyptiacus , which i...