Hamed Gamal El Dien
Tanta University
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Serpentinite is a major carrier of fluid-mobile elements in subduction zones, which influences the geochemical signature of arc magmatism (e.g. high abundances of Li, Ba, Sr, B, As, Mo and Pb). Based on results from Neoproterozoic serpentinites in the Arabian-Nubian Shield, we herein report the role of antigorite in the transportation of fluid-mobile elements (FME) and light rare earth elements (LREE) from the subducted slab to arc-related magma during subduction. The serpentinites contain two g...
Plate tectonics and mantle plumes are two of the most fundamental solid-Earth processes that have operated through much of Earth history. For the past 300 million years, mantle plumes are known to derive mostly from two large low shear velocity provinces (LLSVPs) above the core-mantle boundary, referred to as the African and Pacific superplumes, but their possible connection with plate tectonics is debated. Here, we demonstrate that transition elements (Ni, Cr, and Fe/Mn) in basaltic rocks can b...
Mantle melts provide a window on processes related to global plate tectonics. The composition of chromian spinel (Cr-spinel) from mafic-ultramafic rocks has been widely used for tracing the geotectonic environments, the degree of mantle melting and the rate of mid-ocean ridge spreading. The assumption is that Cr-spinel’s core composition (Cr# = Cr/(Cr + Al)) is homogenous, insensitive to post-formation modification and therefore a robust petrogenetic indicator. However, we demonstrate that the c...