Carmen Virues
Conceptual modelInterpersonal communicationStakeholderKnowledge managementBehavioral pattern
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Given trust is essential in the context of developing effective new venture, we investigate how entrepreneurs can develop a proactive role as trust builders in early stages. We review the evidences of prior studies examining the association between entrepreneur’s behaviors, attitudes and characteristics and trust. By 471 empirical findings identified, we provide a wide inventory of behaviors, attitudes and characteristics that entrepreneurs could use to display their trustworthiness across stake...
This study focuses on how domestic and international entrepreneurs convince stakeholders that they are trustworthy. Drawing on the signaling theory, this paper explores how both types of entrepreneurs send signals, displaying a specific behavioral pattern, in order to communicate information regarding their abilities, benevolence, and integrity. Thus, it analyzes whether international and domestic entrepreneurs signal, in a similar manner, their trustworthiness. Likewise, it explores whether the...