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A monolithic Ka-band true-time-delay (TTD) switched-line network containing 12 metal-to-metal contact RF microelectromechanical system switches has been successfully fabricated and characterized on a 75-/spl mu/m-thick GaAs substrate. The compact 9.1-mm/sup 2/ TTD network was designed to produce flat delay time over a dc-to-40-GHz bandwidth with full 360/spl deg/ phase control at 45/spl deg/ intervals at 35 GHz. Measurements show a match to within 2% to the designed delay times at 35 GHz for all...
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The mutual coupling effects of flush-mounted (horizontal) monopole antennas on high-impedance ground planes (HIP) have been measured. Experiments of horizontal monopoles on HIP with a bandgap centred at 4.7 GHz show that the interference between two adjacent elements is stronger compared to those on a regular metal ground plane due to special properties of HIP. A technique using a combination of HIP and thin metal strip is proven to reduce the mutual coupling by /spl sim/6 dB. Similar results ha...
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A monolithic true-time delay (TTD) circuit based on metal-contact RF MEMS microrelays has been successfully fabricated and characterized. The TTD circuit was designed to produce flat delay time over a DC-to-40 GHz bandwidth with full 360-degree phase control at 22.5-degree intervals at 10.8 GHz. Measurements show a close match to the designed delay times for all sixteen delay states with 2.2 to 2.6 dB of insertion loss at 10 GHz. The worst group delay ripple in the DC-to-30 GHz range was 3 ps, w...
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L'invention concerne une structure amelioree de paroi de guide d'onde (30) et un guide d'onde ameliore (60, 70, 80) qui utilise la nouvelle structure de paroi comme parois interieures. La structure de paroi (30) comporte une feuille de materiau dielectrique (32), une serie de bandes conductrices paralleles (34) d'un cote du materiau dielectrique (32) et une couche de materiau conducteur (38) de l'autre. De nombreux trous d'interconnexion conducteurs (39) sont, en outre, situes a travers le mater...
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A new phased-array antenna system concept for narrow-band frequency beam steering is introduced. The phase shift between neighboring antennas in the array is controlled by changing the frequency of the signal traveling along fixed delay lines in a series feed network. Diode mixers are added before each antenna to convert the frequency of the control signal to a constant radiating frequency. A complete transmit system, using microstrip patch antennas, was built on a 4/spl times/6 in/sup 2/ printe...
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A monolithic chip with a single 80 /spl mu/m HEMT device, 1.25/spl times/3.0 mm/sup 2/ in size, has been tested as both a fundamental and a subharmonic mixer. With input filter networks for K- and Q-bands providing two separate radio frequency/local oscillator (RF/LO) channels to the gate, the chip produces an IF signal from DC to 4 GHz at the drain. The mixer operates in three independent modes with the highest conversion gain of 6.9 dB in K-band fundamental mode, the best DSB noise figure of 4...
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The design and performance of a subharmonically pumped (SHP) 557-GHz mixer driven by a solid-state local oscillator (LO) are reported. Whisker contacts are not required as both the mixer and LO utilize planar Schottky devices. A measured mixer noise temperature of 2100-K double sideband (DSB) with a conversion loss of 8.9 dB has been achieved at room temperature. The mixer exhibits broad intermediate frequency (IF) bandwidth with measured DSB noise temperatures below 3400 K in the band from 1.5 ...
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In this paper, the design of an active millimeter-wave frequency doubler using an Si/SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) as the active device is studied. Simulations are made using a developed physics-based large-signal model for Si/SiGe HBT's, which includes thermal dependence. Despite the high-output operating frequency of the fabricated doubler being close to f/sub max/ 67 GHz for the Si/SiGe HBT, the conversion efficiency in a not completely optimized circuit is found to be better t...
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Planar submillimeter wave circuits are slowly replacing whisker-contacted devices at frequencies above 100 GHz. but in many cases the size constraints dictated by the short wavelen ths found at hi h frequencies have not been adequately addressed. In the last year we have been respondin g to the challenges of implementing submillimeter wave circuits in GaAs by usin g processin technologies somewhat new to this field as well as developing unique processing capabilities. This approach has allowed f...
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