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) between the geneticdistance (Euclidian distance between the median first twoeigenvectors of the PCA) and the geographic (great-circle)distance between the analyzed subpopulations.Third, we searched for genetic barriers [14] in our dataset byusing the same genetic and geographic distance matrices.This analysis identified two statistically significant barriersfor the 23 subpopulations. One barrier was observed betweenthe Finnish and all other subpopulations (first PC consideringFI against the rest: ...
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Background & Aims: Crohn’s disease (CD) and sarcoidosis (SA) are chronic inflammatory barrier diseases that share several clinical and immunological features, including the occurrence of granulomas. Methods: A 100k genome-wide association study with 83,360 singlenucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) was performed on 382 CD patients, 398 SA patients, and 394 control individuals. The 24 SNPs that were most strongly associated in the combined CD/SA phenotype were selected for verification in an independe...
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Crisponi syndrome is a severe autosomal recessive condition that is phenotypically characterized by abnormal, paroxysmal muscular contractions resembling neonatal tetanus, large face, broad nose, anteverted nares, camptodactyly, hyperthermia, and sudden death in most cases. We performed homozygosity mapping in five Sardinian and three Turkish families with Crisponi syndrome, using high-density single-nucleotide polymorphism arrays, and identified a critical region on chromosome 19p12-13.1. The m...
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Claudia Izzi, Alessandro Barbon, Mohammad Reza Toliat, Armin Heils, Christian Becker, Peter Nurnberg, Thomas Sander, and Sergio Barlati* Division of Biology and Genetics, Department of Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnologies, Brescia University Medical School, Brescia, Italy Epilepsy Genetics Group, Department of Neurology, University Clinic Charite, Humboldt, University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany Gene Mapping Center, Max-Delbrueck-Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin, Germany Institute of Medi...