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The Konservat-Lagerstatte Menat (Puy-de-Dome, France) is an outstanding archive of a Paleocene ecosystem, which was deposited in a former maar lake. Excavations during the last century have yielded an extensive flora and fauna record, therefore an overview of the current state of paleontological investigations is given in this paper. Additionally, new results based on excavations from the years 2012 to 2014 are presented. The preservation of organic matter differed strongly between excavation si...
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3D methods are gaining importance in the reconstruction of palaeontological objects for illustration in both scientific and popular realms. The availability of various methods, mainly techniques using X-rays, has enabled a very rapid development of powerful tools in the study of fossils. These include synchrotron facilities and CT scanners of different size and power.However, some tomographic methods using basic light (optical tomographies), developed for biological samples and in vivo studies, ...
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This chapter describes about Sibelliberotha rihanensis gen. et sp. n., a new berothid Neuroptera, from Rihan (South Lebanon), a new Lower Cretaceous amber outcrop. This new fossil taxon possesses several plesiomorphic features that place it very basally within the available phylogeny of modern Berothidae, but close to the modern clade: Nyrminae and Cyrenoberothinae. The chapter discusses the systematic palaeontology, phylogenetic position and phylogenetic relationships of the new berothid Neurop...
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Preservation of organisms (micro- and macro-organisms) in plant resins is documented since several centuries (for details see Perrichot, 2005; Girard, 2010). Such studies greatly improved our knowledge about evolutionary history of diverse groups of plants, arthropods and microorganisms and provided many important data about the ecology and structure of past forests. However current researches face a major problem: the lack of long-term survey of organism trapping in plant resins. Indeed only sp...
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In this chapter, the authors describe a new fossil species of psychodid fly: Sycorax ukrainensis sp. n. belonging to the genus Sycorax from the Late Eocene Rovno amber, Ukraine and provides figures of male and female specimens of the species. This new fossil was totally unexpected as the psychodid fauna of Rovno amber has a broad similarity with the Baltic amber. The new species adds evidence that sycoracine were once more diverse and more widespread and global, in the past. The authors discusse...
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The discovery of new amber outcrops in France in the last fifteen years and the reinvestigation of outcrops that had been forgotten provide new sources of palaeontological data. One of these forgotten localities is the Cenomanian outcrop of Fourtou in the Aude department, Southern France. Mentioned in old manuscripts since 1700, perhaps known and used since the Palaeolithic, the Cenomanian amber of Aude is still poorly studied. Here we present a synthesis of the data obtained on this amber, focu...