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The prevention of children's psychosocial disorders has not been an easily accomplished task. During the years since we wrote this last sentence in our chapter for the first edition of this book (Sameroff & Fiese, 1990), the lives of children in the United States have not improved. The Children's Defense Fund (1995) estimates that between 3 and 10 million children experience domestic violence yearly, with more than a million confirmed child abuse or neglect cases in 1993. Mental health also cont...
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Home observations of mother-infant interaction were done for 2 hours on 2 consecutive days in a large group of families at 4 and 12 months of age. The observations were analyzed for situation (e.g. caretaking or close). as well as grouping factors of maternal mental illness. social status. sex of child. and birth order. Large main effects for situation were uniformly found for mother-interactive and child-interactive behaviors. Some main effects of social status were found. but not for maternal ...
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It was hypothesized that maternal teaching style (MTS) and a child's attentional performance mediate the relation between contextual risk factors and intelligence quotient (IQ). One hundred fifty-nine 4-year-old children and their mothers in a longitudinal study of children at risk for mental disorder participated in a maternal teaching task, a Luria bulb-squeeze procedure, and a delayed-match-to-sample (DMS) task in the laboratory
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Complexity of parental reasoning about child development was studied in mothers who varied in ethnic background and biculturalism. Middle-class mothers from Mexican-American and Anglo-American backgrounds were compared on their level of concepts of development on a scale from categorical to perspectivistic reasoning. Categorical mothers interpreted child development as being caused by single constitutional or environmental factors. Perspectivistic mothers interpreted development as the result of...
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