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ABSTRACTLate Cryogenian to Ediacaran magmatism of the East-Eastern Nigerian Terrane (E-ENT) in the Pan-African mobile belt provides a critical geological record that is important for unravelling regional tectonic and geodynamic setting. A detailed study that utilizes whole-rock elemental, in-situ zircon U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotopic geochemistry are conducted on the post-collisional granitoids from the Hawal Massif in the E-ENT. These granitoids are metaluminous to slightly peraluminous, alkali-calcic...
Pre-Cambrian to Paleocene age sedimentary rocks predominantly characterize the fold and thrust belt of eastern Hazara division. The Hazara Slate Formation is the oldest rock unit which represents the Precambrian sequence. The Permian and Triassic sequences are missing. The Jurassic sequence comprises Samana Suk Formation whereas the Cretaceous exposed is Chichali and Lumshiwal formations. The Eocene sequence consists of Nammal and Sakessar formations. The structural fabric of the area is mainly ...