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Hegen Ouyang
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Publications 1
Published on Feb 1, 2019in Ore Geology Reviews 3.99
Ruihua Li (PKU: Peking University), Hegen Ouyang (CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences)+ 1 AuthorsYongfeng Zhu16
Estimated H-index: 16
(PKU: Peking University)
Abstract The Pamir and Tibetan plateaus, which have a similar terrane structure and evolutionary history since the Phanerozoic, are both host abundant Eocene to Miocene intrusions, however, unlike the Tibetan plateau, coeval porphyry deposits appear to be devoid in the Pamir plateau. In this study, we first report a potentially economic Cu-bearing sulfide mineralization at Siruyidie’er prospect in the Central Pamir. The Siruyidie’er prospect is characterized by the development of 14 breccia pipe...
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