Dimitra Flouri
King's College London
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The placenta plays a key contribution to successful pregnancy outcome. New MR imaging techniques are able to reveal intricate details about placental structure and function and measure placental blood flow and feto-placental oxygenation. Placental diffusion-weighted MRI is however challenging due to maternal breathing motion and poor signal-to-noise ratio making motion correction important for subsequent quantitative analysis. In this work, we (i) introduce an iterative model-based registration ...
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Abstract The Centre for Medical Image Computing (CMIC) at University College London (UCL) hosted a two-day workshop on placenta imaging on April 12th and 13th 2018. The workshop consisted of 10 invited talks, 3 contributed talks, a poster session, a public interaction session and a panel discussion about the future direction of placental imaging. With approximately 50 placental researchers in attendance, the workshop was a platform for engineers, clinicians and medical experts in the field to ne...
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Vein of Galen malformation is a rare congenital pathological intracranial arteriovenous shunt which carries 30% risk of death before 28 days-of-age. Treatment is by high risk minimally invasive endovascular glue embolization of shunt feeding arteries under angiographic control. A tool to support intra-operative decision making would be useful. We present a novel method for visualizing angiography data to demonstrate the effect of the intervention based upon change the after embolization in the d...
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Purpose The placenta is a vital organ for the exchange of oxygen, nutrients, and waste products between fetus and mother. The placenta may suffer from several pathologies, which affect this fetal‐maternal exchange, thus the flow properties of the placenta are of interest in determining the course of pregnancy. In this work, we propose a new multiparametric model for placental tissue signal in MRI. Methods We describe a method that separates fetal and maternal flow characteristics of the placenta...
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