Harry P. Cintineo
Rutgers University
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Anticipation of exercise and other stressors has been shown to result in physiological and psychological changes, which include increased levels of cortisol and anxiety. Combat sports, in particular, typically elicit robust anticipatory responses because of the distinct nature of these sports. Therefore, the purpose of this investigation was to examine the relationship between state anxiety scores, anticipatory cortisol response, and performance outcomes in college wrestlers. A secondary purpose...
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There is robust evidence which shows that consuming protein pre- and/or post-workout induces a significant rise in muscle protein synthesis. It should be noted, however, that total daily caloric and protein intake over the long term play the most crucial dietary roles in facilitating adaptations to exercise. However, once these factors are accounted for, it appears that peri-exercise protein intake, particularly in the post-training period, plays a potentially useful role in terms of optimizing ...
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Regardless of the setting, proper manipulation of resistance training program design variables is pivotal in eliciting the desired physiological adaptations. Furthermore, how these variables, especially volume and intensity, work together to affect training outcomes is a major topic of investigation. The purpose of this study was to compare the acute biochemical, physiological, and hormonal responses of a single-set accentuated eccentric high-intensity training (HIT) protocol to a traditional 3-...