Niklas M. Daber
University of Münster
TLR4T cellInflammationRegulatorTranscription factor
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Abstract Background Scavenger receptor CD163 is exclusively expressed on monocytes/macrophages and is widely used as a marker for alternatively activated macrophages. However, the role of CD163 is not yet clear. Objectives We examined the function of CD163 in steady-state as well as in sterile and infectious inflammation. Methods Expression of CD163 was analyzed under normal and inflammatory conditions in mice. Functional relevance of CD163 was investigated in models of inflammation in wildtype ...
#1Nicole Freise (WWU: University of Münster)H-Index: 3
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Last. Judith Austermann (WWU: University of Münster)H-Index: 11
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The inflammatory responsiveness of phagocytes to exogenous and endogenous stimuli is tightly regulated. This regulation plays an important role in systemic inflammatory response syndromes (SIRSs). In SIRSs, phagocytes initially develop a hyperinflammatory response, followed by a secondary state of hyporesponsiveness, a so-called “tolerance.” This hyporesponsiveness can be induced by endotoxin stimulation of Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4), resulting in an ameliorated response after subsequent restim...
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T cells critically depend on reprogramming of metabolic signatures to meet the bioenergetic demands during activation and clonal expansion. Here we identify the transcription factor Nur77 as a cell-intrinsic modulator of T cell activation. Nur77-deficient T cells are highly proliferative, and lack of Nur77 is associated with enhanced T cell activation and increased susceptibility for T cell-mediated inflammatory diseases, such as CNS autoimmunity, allergic contact dermatitis and collagen-induced...
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