Arnoldo R. Camacho
INCAE Business School
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Capital flows into Emerging Markets and Developing Economies (EMDEs) have grown significantly in the last decades and have even intensified in recent years. In the current environment, characterized by high levels of uncertainty and risk, Latin American firms face the challenges of making themselves known to investors and taking advantage of these resources to sustain growth, consolidate operations and internationalize business. The purpose of the paper is to propose a methodology that would all...
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This paper explores the economic trends of Latin America, highlighting their influences on the strategies and behaviors of different types of businesses. It introduces a Special Issue featuring a selection of the best papers presented at the Sixth International Conference on Strategic Management in Latin America, held at INCAE Business School in 2015. The theme for this Conference was: “Strategies for Growth, Regional Expansion and Global Competition”. The Conference provided a big opportunity t...
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Global standards require financial intermediaries (FIs) to develop risk profiles to fight money laundering and terrorism financing. International typologies and multivariate analysis techniques are used to define profiles and develop models to classify clients; indicators are proposed to assess the vulnerability and exposure of intermediaries and the quality and stability of the models. Statistical evidence proves significant to validate profiles, avoiding the use of subjective criteria, general...
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This introduction provides an overview of the motivation of this issue. It focuses on the conceptual frameworks and tools available to business managers that can be applied to deal with complex problems in an environment of increasing uncertainty and risk. The article concludes that innovative ways to find the basic structure of seemingly unstructured processes, combined with knowledge drawn from professional experience can facilitate the identification and selection of alternatives that lead to...
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Last.Arnoldo R. CamachoH-Index: 3
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