Samya Karan
University of Calcutta
SalinityGlutathione reductasePenaeus monodonGlutathione peroxidaseBiology
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Abstract High-resolution ecological databases are only rarely available for tropical estuaries, so details of their ecological variability are often poorly understood. We studied twelve hours of continuous variability salinity, water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, NO3–N, and the copepod community (size > 200 μm) of the Ganges River Estuary (GRE) of India. We hypothesized that short-term environmental variability affects copepod community and its most and least abundant populations. We record...
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Present study investigates the effect of metal accumulation on antioxidant level and mitochondrial enzymes function in muscle of Oreochromis mossambicus. Metal accumulation in muscle upregulated stress marker malondialdehyde and the activity of different antioxidant enzymes with no significant alteration in glutathione system. Metal exposure to fish muscle decreased the activity of mitochondrial enzymes. AMP deaminase, aldolase, cytochrome C oxidase and lipoamide reductase showed positive correl...
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