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Type 2 diabetes (T2DM) presents a growing global health and economic burden. Dental settings have been employed to identify individuals who may be at high risk of diabetes, who exhibit non-diabetic hyperglycaemia (NDH – also termed “prediabetes”) and who already unknowingly have the condition, through the use of targeted risk-assessments. This review aims to synthesize the existing literature supporting dental teams’ identification of individuals at an increased risk of or suffering from undiagn...
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Abstract Background Salivary free light chains (FLCs) are an emerging biomarker in health and behavioural research. However, little is known regarding biological variability of salivary FLCs and how they relate to other established salivary biomarkers. This study aimed to investigate the diurnal and day-to-day variation of salivary FLCs and their relationship with salivary IgA and steroid hormones. Methods A total of 60 healthy adults participated in studies exploring the biological variability ...
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Abstract: Dentigerous cysts, though common, rarely present bilaterally. The rarity of bilateral presentation is highlighted by a review of the literature which revealed a total of 77 published cases. This demonstrated that, although 29% were asymptomatic, 58% presented with swelling and 22% with pain. The majority of patients were treated with enucleation alone (73%); 17% were managed with marsupialisation, and 8% treated with a combination of surgical techniques. Of cases reported, 16% had reso...
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Objective Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) impose a significant health and economic burden. This study aimed to assess the differential attendance patterns of public to different healthcare professionals and gauge the opinions of key stakeholders towards screening of NCDs by allied healthcare professionals. Design Questionnaires were designed piloted and subsequently completed by key stakeholders. The results were analysed descriptively. Setting Public questionnaires were undertaken in a West Mi...
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Evidence shows that the use of validated risk assessment tools helps healthcare professionals to predict patients' likelihood of developing a disease with greater accuracy. Risk assessment tools have been shown to be beneficial in assisting professionals to communicate findings to patients. The psychological benefits of risk assessment tools have also been demonstrated in terms of positive behavioural change. CPD/Clinical Relevance: With the current shift towards preventive approaches to healthc...
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Objectives Studies that demonstrate an association between rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and dysbiotic oral microbiomes are often confounded by the presence of extensive periodontitis in these individuals. Therefore, the present investigation sought to investigate the role of RA in modulating the periodontal microbiome by comparing periodontally healthy individuals with and without RA. Methods Subgingival plaque was collected from was collected periodontally healthy individuals (22 with and 19 witho...
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