Fiora Artusio
Polytechnic University of Turin
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AbstractThe association of an active principle with a nanocarrier is known to improve its stability and protect it from external factors. Nevertheless, loading of nanoparticles with highly hydrophi...
#1Fiora Artusio (Polytechnic University of Turin)H-Index: 2
#2Roberto Pisano (Polytechnic University of Turin)H-Index: 17
Abstract Despite the wide occurrence of crystallization in the pharmaceutical industry, deep understanding and fine control of the process remain a tricky issue. Nevertheless, the successful manufacturing of finished pharmaceutical products, as well as the structural determination of biopharmaceuticals, depend on the size, form, shape and purity of the crystals. The ability of substrates with precise chemistry and topological features to induce nucleation has been thoroughly assessed during the ...
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#1Fiora Artusio (Polytechnic University of Turin)H-Index: 2
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The synthesis of polymeric nanocapsules by means of miniemulsion cationic polymerization has been investigated here. The core-shell structure was obtained by confining the reaction at the interface between continuous and dispersed phase of an oil-in-water miniemulsion. This hallmark also allows to carry out the cationic UV-activated polymerization of a vinyl monomer, namely triethylene glycol divinyl ether, in water. The study firstly focused on formulation design. Various kinds of surfactant we...
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