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Currently no study has systematically investigated how second language learners (L2) with specific learning difficulties (SpLDs) benefit from extended time in L2 assessment. Research in this area is needed because judgements about time extensions are often based on intuitions rather than on research evidence. This study investigated the effect of different timing conditions on the L2 reading performance of adolescent learners of English who demonstrate different first language (L1) literacy prof...
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ObjectivesUnnecessary antibiotic prescribing contributes to antimicrobial resistance. A randomized controlled trial in 2014–15 showed that a letter from England’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) to high-prescribing GPs, giving feedback about their prescribing relative to the norm, decreased antibiotic prescribing. The CMO sent further feedback letters in succeeding years. We evaluated the effectiveness of the repeated feedback intervention. MethodsPublicly available databases were used to identify G...
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This study investigated the role of working memory (WM) in the second language (L2) writing performance of young English language learners. It also examined how L2 writing achievement relates to task type and grade level and whether the effect of cognitive abilities varies across different task types and grade level. The participants were 94 young learners (Grades 6 and 7) in Hungary, who performed four writing task types as part of the TOEFL® Junior™ Comprehensive test-battery and completed cog...
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One of the special arrangements in testing contexts is to allow dyslexic students to listen to the text while they read. In our study, we investigated the effect of read-aloud assistance on young English learners’ language comprehension scores. We also examined whether students with dyslexia identification benefit from this assistance differently from their peers with no official identification of dyslexia. Our research was conducted with young Slovenian learners of English who performed four la...
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This study used eye-tracking to examine changes in how second language (L2) learners process target grammatical exemplars in written L2 input in implicit and explicit instructional conditions and how these changes relate to learning gains. In three separate sessions, 77 L2 learners of English read a story containing seven examples of a grammatical construction. The results of a growth curve analysis indicated significant main effects for the instructional condition and test sessions on total fix...
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#1Bimali IndrarathneH-Index: 2
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In this study we examined how students pay attention to target items in written L2 input in different instructional conditions and how attentional processing is related to the length of exposure. In an eye-tracking study, 45 undergraduate L2 learners of English in Sri Lanka read a story containing seven examples of a grammatical construction on three separate sessions. The first group read the stories with no textual enhancement and the second with the examples of the target structure visually e...