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The delimitation of functional spatial units or functional territories is an important topic in regional science and economic geography, since the empirical verification of many causal relationships is affected by the size and shape of these areas. This paper proposes a two-step method for the delimitation of functional territories and presents an application for three developing countries: Mexico, Colombia and Chile. The first step of this method uses nighttime satellite images to identify the ...
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Abstract Developing regions' food system has transformed rapidly in the past several decades. The food system is the dendritic cluster of R&D value chains, and the value chains linking input suppliers to farmers, and farmers upstream to wholesalers and processors midstream, to retailers then consumers downstream. We analyze the transformation in terms of these value chains' structure and conduct, and the effects of changes in those on its performance in terms of impacts on consumers and farmers,...
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Like the rest of Latin America, Mexico is a highly-urbanized country. Yet rural populations, geographies and economic activities continue to play a significant role in national development, while there are persistent and large rural-urban inequalities in well-being and opportunities. Promoting rural-urban linkages has been proposed as a strategy to reduce spatial inequalities, but there is much academic and policy debate about whether urban development has positive (spread) or negative (backwash...
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This article estimates the impact of cities on the economic development of rural communities in Chile, following a market access approach. The effect of the proximity to cities on the development of rural communities is analyzed by estimating the impact of market access on the population, and farm and non-farm employment of rural communities. Using population censuses and remote sensing data, we find, in our preferred estimations, that a 10% higher market access induced a 10%–14% increase in the...
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This article focuses on the rapid development of the “modernizing wholesale” channel, with a study of guava traders and farmers in Mexico. This adds to a literature on modernization of food markets that has focused primarily on exports, supermarkets, and large processors and addressed less wholesale in general and rarely modernizing wholesale per se. We find that participation in the modernizing wholesale channel, relative to the traditional broker channel, requires greater land, regional, and n...
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This paper summarizes a study of changes in per-capita income, monetary poverty, and income distribution in 9,045 subnational administrative units of nine Latin American countries between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s. The results largely support spatial convergence of mean household incomes, although the estimates indicate it has been slow. Territorial inequality is found to be persistent and reduces the pro-poor effect of local income growth. Although national-context specific, the estimates als...
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This article is the introduction to a volume containing findings from a program conducted over five years in 11 Latin America countries, to answer three questions: (1) Are there rural territories that have experienced simultaneous economic growth, poverty reduction, and improved distribution of income?; (2) What factors determine these territorial dynamics?, and; (3) What can be done to stimulate and promote this kind of territorial dynamics? The article outlines the analytical and policy issues...
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