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Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhopal
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The optimum non-negative integer bit allocation (ONIBA) is an important technique, which provides optimal quantisation of transform coefficients for the image transform coders (ITCs). However, the existing ONIBA algorithms are still not popular for the discrete cosine transform (DCT)-based ITCs, due to their image-dependent nature and additional side information requirements. Therefore, this study presents a novel image-independent ONIBA (IIONIBA) technique to achieve efficient quantisation for ...
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Inappropriate and uncontrolled use of antibiotics results in emergence of antibiotic resistance, thereby threatening the present clinical regimens to treat infectious diseases. Therefore, new antimicrobial agents that can prevent the bacteria to develop drug resistance are urgently needed. Selective disruption of bacterial membranes is the most effective strategy for combating microbial infections as accumulation of the genetic mutations cannot allow the emergence of drug resistance against thes...
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A major impediment to develop effective antimicrobials against Gram-negative bacteria like Salmonella is the ability of the bacteria to develop resistance against existing antibiotics and inability of the antimicrobials to clear the intracellular bacteria residing in the gastrointestinal tract. As critical balance of charge and hydrophobicity is required for effective membrane-targeting antimicrobials without causing any toxicity to mammalian cells, herein we report the synthesis and antibacteri...
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The presence of lipopolysaccharide and emergence of drug resistance make the treatment of Gram-negative bacterial infections highly challenging. Herein, we present the synthesis and antibacterial activities of cholic acid–peptide conjugates (CAPs), demonstrating that valine–glycine dipeptide-derived CAP 3 is the most effective antimicrobial. Molecular dynamics simulations and structural analysis revealed that a precise intramolecular network of CAP 3 is maintained in the form of evolving edges, ...
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Current membrane targeting antimicrobials fail to target mycobacteria due to their hydrophobic membrane structure, ability to form drug-resistant biofilms, and their natural intracellular habitat within the confines of macrophages. In this work, we describe engineering of synthetic antimicrobial polymers (SAMPs) derived from biocompatible polyamides that can target drug-sensitive and drug-resistant mycobacteria with high selectivity. Structure–activity relationship studies revealed that reduced ...
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We present the effect of size, charge, and hydrophobicity of anticancer drugs on their drug encapsulation efficacy in an L-alanine-based small-molecule hydrogelator. Entrapment of various anticancer drugs in a hydrogel was depicted and correlated towards interactions between gelator and drug molecules. Hydrogel showed the highest entrapment for 5-fluorouracil, which was as high as ∼1.2 mg mL−1 in 1.5% (w/v) hydrogel; however, with small polar anticancer drugs such as cisplatin and carboplatin, p...
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Modulation of existing drugs is required to achieve enhanced activity for cancer therapy by lowering their effective dose. Strategies for introduction of cationic charge and hydrophobicity have been proposed and explored to enhance the therapeutic effects of anticancer drugs. In this manuscript, we planned modulation of tamoxifen and synthesized eight tamoxifen (Tam) conjugated lithocholic acid (LCA) amphiphiles with variable cationic charged head groups. We determined the anticancer potential o...
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School health has been regarded as a high priority intervention in developing countries. However it has not been prioritized in India for many years. Malnutrition is one of a major public health concern affecting a significant number of school children influencing their health, growth and development and school academic performance. The objective of this study was to find out the nutritional status and morbidity pattern in school going children. A cross sectional descriptive study was conducted ...
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