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Malvi Choudhary
University of Jammu
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Published on Jan 1, 2019
Sanjana Kaul14
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Malvi Choudhary + 2 AuthorsManoj K. Dhar15
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Mushrooms being considered as ‘elixir of life’ are valued for their culinary and therapeutic purpose throughout the world. They are widely appreciated as human food for centuries and represent an untapped reservoir of bioactive metabolites. This chapter gives a comprehensive overview on the diversity and indigenous knowledge of wild and cultivated mushrooms in Himalayan region of India. The diverse topographical features and altitudinal variation in Himalayan region of India favours luxuriant bi...
Published on Jan 1, 2017
Sanjana Kaul14
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(JU: University of Jammu),
Malvi Choudhary (JU: University of Jammu)+ 1 AuthorsManoj K. Dhar15
Estimated H-index: 15
(JU: University of Jammu)
Plants are no more considered as organisms but as complex communities harbouring diverse microbes both on its outer as well as inner surfaces and environment. Plant microbiome represents the complex microbial communities associated directly or indirectly with a plant. It can be broadly categorized into endophytic, epiphytic and rhizospheric microbiome. Therefore, complex interactions between different said zones lead to a plant microbiome. Interestingly, plant microbiome involves pathogenic as w...