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Abstract Kinetic interactions between H2 and CO over PdO, a widely used catalyst in combustion systems, were studied experimentally and numerically. Global reaction parameters of H2 and CO oxidation over PdO were extracted from wire microcalorimetry experiments at atmospheric pressure in the temperature range 380–800 K, based on which a full catalytic reaction mechanism was developed. Comparison of ignition temperatures and heat release rates of different H2/CO blends along with density function...
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Abstract Effects of ozone doping on the Z-shaped explosion boundary of stoichiometric hydrogen-oxygen mixtures are computationally studied. Results show that with increasing ozone doping and within a small range of increment, the explosion limit transitions from the Z-shaped response with two turning points to responses exhibiting four, six, four, two and none turning points. By modifying the rate coefficients of the sensitive reactions within the ozone sub-mechanism, four reactions are identifi...
This article reviews recent theoretical developments on incipient ignition induced by radical runaway in systems described by detailed chemistry. Employing eigenvalue analysis, we first analyze the...
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Abstract While the presence of an impermeable leading segment is normally inevitable for a boundary layer diffusion flame established over a fuel surface, it also offers an opportunity to control and stabilize the flame by design. In this study, the classical Emmons’ problem with an impermeable leading section is investigated numerically and theoretically. The local similarity structure of the boundary layer is discussed and an explicit solution of the skin friction, local gasification rate, and...
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The laminar flame speeds of ethylene/air flames at various pressures (up to 10.0 atm) were measured using the expanding spherical flame. Three commonly used extrapolation models were employed, and the individual effects of pressure and flame radius range on the extrapolation uncertainty were investigated. It was found that the reduction in flame thickness reduces the extrapolation uncertainty at high pressures. At low pressures, large values of both lower and upper bounds of the extrapolation ra...