Wissal Ben Arfi
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In recent years, research on corporate entrepreneurship (CE) has expanded and aroused an increasing amount of attention. Although the importance of CE, innovation, and knowledge conversion within organizations is recognized, the link between them is still theoretically and empirically little understood. Thus, it seems important to support knowledge sharing (KS) within organizations through the implementation of digital platforms (DP), in order to enrich the existing knowledge about CE strategy a...
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to contribute to the theoretical background on how organizational change (OC) enhances open innovation (OI) processes and enables a company to reach performance results through implementing knowledge sharing platforms (KSPs). The authors aim to better understand and investigate how the changes introduced by the implementation of KSPs impact the OC and facilitate the OI process. Design/methodology/approach In this paper, an exploratory longitudinal single case...
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Theoretically speaking knowledge sharing seems relevant for innovations in general. Yet, there is no adequate understanding of how knowledge sharing can develop green innovation in SMEs. This paper focuses on how internal and external knowledge sharing intercede green innovation and ponders on how it affects the organization performance. First, the empirical results show that all types of external knowledge don't convey the same green innovative outputs. Second, they reveal that the success of t...
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