Gaëlle Deharo
International Business School, Germany
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#1Gaëlle Deharo (IBS: International Business School, Germany)
EnglishThis article offers to point out the relationship between agility and law management. It explores the compatibility of juridical and management rationale. In this aim, it is given the conceptual framework of agility: definition, purposes, interpretation and possible variations in juridical and managerial literature. Agility template is compared to juridical strategies in companies. As a conclusion, it shows the convergence of juridical and management rationale through the concept of agili...
#1Gaëlle Deharo (IBS: International Business School, Germany)
#2Sébastien Point (EM Strasbourg Business School)H-Index: 8
EnglishThis research aims at exploring the boundaries between the concept of stress and bullying from a legal perspective. Our analysis relies on 59 Court of Cassation decisions. Results show that bullying is not always characterized as such based solely on the stressful characteristics of the situation; therefore, it should be correlated with other factors such as changing working conditions, stress abnormality (according to its intensity and/or duration), health degradation and/or stressful re...