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Recent researches demonstrate that word embeddings, trained on the human-generated corpus, have strong gender biases in embedding spaces, and these biases can result in the prejudiced results from the downstream tasks, i.e. sentiment analysis. Whereas the previous debiasing models project word embeddings into a linear subspace, we introduce a Latent Disentangling model with a siamese auto-encoder structure and a gradient reversal layer. Our siamese auto-encoder utilizes gender word pairs to dise...
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Production of free fatty acids (FFAs) and derivatives from renewable non-food biomass by microbial fermentation is of great interest. Here, we report the development of engineered Rhodococcus opacus strains producing FFAs, fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEEs) and long-chain hydrocarbons (LCHCs). Culture conditions were optimized to produce 82.9 g l−1 of triacylglycerols from glucose, and an engineered strain with acyl-coenzyme A (CoA) synthetases deleted, overexpressing three lipases with lipase-spec...
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As climate change has become one of the major global risks, our heavy dependence on petroleum-derived fuels has received much public attention. To solve such problems, production of sustainable fuels has been intensively studied over the past years. Thanks to recent advances in synthetic biology and metabolic engineering technologies, bio-based platforms for advanced biofuels production have been developed using various microorganisms. The strategies for production of advanced biofuels have conv...
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Biofuels have been attracting increasing attention to provide a solution to the problems of climate change and our dependence on limited fossil oil. During the last decade, metabolic engineering has been performed to develop superior microorganisms for the production of so called advanced biofuels. Among the advanced biofuels, hydrocarbons possess high-energy content and superior fuel properties to other biofuels, and thus have recently been attracting much research interest. Here we review the ...
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