Lucia Hadariová
Charles University in Prague
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Published on Apr 1, 2018in Current Genetics 3.57
Lucia Hadariová2
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(Charles University in Prague),
Matej Vesteg8
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(Matej Bel University)
+ 1 AuthorsJuraj Krajčovič17
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Chloroplasts are generally known as eukaryotic organelles whose main function is photosynthesis. They perform other functions, however, such as synthesizing isoprenoids, fatty acids, heme, iron sulphur clusters and other essential compounds. In non-photosynthetic lineages that possess plastids, the chloroplast genomes have been reduced and most (or all) photosynthetic genes have been lost. Consequently, non-photosynthetic plastids have also been reduced structurally. Some of these non-photosynth...
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Published on Aug 14, 2017in Advances in Botanical Research 1.39
Anna M.G. Vanclová2
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(Charles University in Prague),
Lucia Hadariová2
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(Charles University in Prague)
+ 1 AuthorsVladimír Hampl21
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(Charles University in Prague)
Abstract Euglenophytes obtained their plastids from a primary green alga related to extant genus Pyramimonas . The relatively recent establishment of this new organelle is an intriguing evolutionary phenomenon worth studying and comparing with other secondary plastids with a regard to their similarities and differences. A remarkably fast evolution driven by rapid intron gain and diversification is observed in euglenid plastid genomes which often tend to swell in size and rearrange while keeping ...
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