Anastasia Zharikova
Moscow State University
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#1Anna A. Valyaeva (MSU: Moscow State University)
#2Anastasia Zharikova (MSU: Moscow State University)H-Index: 2
Last. Eugene V. Sheval (MSU: Moscow State University)H-Index: 15
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SARS-CoV-2 can infiltrate the lower respiratory tract, resulting in severe respiratory failure and a high death rate. Normally, the airway and alveolar epithelium can be rapidly reconstituted by multipotent stem cells after episodes of infection. Here, we analyzed published RNA-seq datasets and demonstrated that cells of four different lung epithelial stem cell types express SARS-CoV-2 entry factors, including Ace2. Thus, stem cells can be infected by SARS-CoV-2, which can lead to defects in reg...
#1Vasily RamenskyH-Index: 20
#2Anna J. Jasinska (UCLA: University of California, Los Angeles)H-Index: 20
Last. Wesley C. Warren (MU: University of Missouri)H-Index: 1
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Genome sequencing studies of nonhuman primate (NHP) pedigree and population samples are discovering variants on a large and rapidly growing scale. These studies are increasing the utility of several NHP species as model systems for human disease. In particular, by identifying homozygous protein truncating variants (hPTVs) in genes hypothesized to play a role in causing human diseases, it may be possible to elucidate mechanisms for the phenotypic impact of such variants through investigations tha...
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The clinical, instrumental and molecular-genetic studies for proband and family members for identification of family form of left ventricular noncompaction cardiomyopathy (LVNC) presented in the article. According to the results of the examination, the diagnosis LVNC was made. Drug therapy was adjusted, and a cardioverter defibrillator was implanted for the primary prevention of sudden cardiac death. Given the hereditary nature of the disease, family screening was conducted. By the family screen...
#1Andrey V. Marakhonov (Far Eastern Federal University)H-Index: 1
#2Andreas Brodehl (RUB: Ruhr University Bochum)H-Index: 10
Last. Mikhail Skoblov (Far Eastern Federal University)H-Index: 2
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: Mutations in DES, encoding desmin protein, are associated with different kinds of skeletal and/or cardiac myopathies. However, it is unknown, whether DES mutations are associated with left ventricular hypertrabeculation (LVHT). Here, we performed a clinical examination and subsequent genetic analysis in a family, with two individuals presenting LVHT with conduction disease and skeletal myopathy. The genetic analysis revealed a novel small in-frame deletion within the DES gene, p.Q113_L115del, ...
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#1Aleksandra A. Galitsyna (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology)H-Index: 3
#2Anastasia Zharikova (MSU: Moscow State University)H-Index: 2
Last. Alexey A. GavrilovH-Index: 14
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We have performed large-scale analysis of RNADNA contacts in chromatin based on our own experimental data for K562 human cells and GRID-Seq. We have devised RNA-Seq controls and validated the resulting interactions with known chromatin-associated RNAs. We propose a pipeline for the analysis of RNA-DNA interactions, a noise correction procedure and clustering by the distance preference approach. We have compared the obtained interactomes with DNA-DNA contacts (Hi-C) for the same cell line and rep...
#1N. V. ShcherbakovaH-Index: 2
#2A. N. MeshkovH-Index: 7
Last. O. M. DrapkinaH-Index: 3
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#1N. V. ShcherbakovaH-Index: 2
#2A. I. ErshovaH-Index: 4
Last. A. N. MeshkovH-Index: 7
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#1Daria M. Potashnikova (MSU: Moscow State University)H-Index: 6
#2S. A. Golyshev (MSU: Moscow State University)H-Index: 6
Last. Ivan A. Vorobjev (NU: Nazarbayev University)H-Index: 27
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: Recently developed high-throughput analytical techniques (e.g., protein mass spectrometry and nucleic acid sequencing) allow unprecedentedly sensitive, in-depth studies in molecular biology of cell proliferation, differentiation, aging, and death. However, the initial population of asynchronous cultured cells is highly heterogeneous by cell cycle stage, which complicates immediate analysis of some biological processes. Widely used cell synchronization protocols are time-consuming and can affec...
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#1Anastasiia Rytova (MSU: Moscow State University)H-Index: 2
#2E. Yu. Khlebus (MIPT: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)H-Index: 1
Last. A. N. Meshkov (RSMU: Russian National Research Medical University)H-Index: 7
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Complex diseases are a major important problem for modern medicine. These diseases arise under the influence of specific environmental and clinical-demographic factors, so-called risk factors, in combination with factors of genetic heredity. The contribution of genetic factors to the development of complex diseases is on average about 50%. The cause of complex diseases can be a lot of variants of the nucleotide sequence. In addition to common variants of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), r...
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