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Abstract Background Based on the metabolic effect of exogenous ATPase inhibitory factor 1 (IF1) on glucose metabolism, we tested whether IF1 treatment is effective in ameliorating weight gain and whether its effects are sex specific. Methods HFD-fed C57BL/6 mice were treated with IF1 (5 mg/kg body weight, injected intraperitoneally). The underlying mechanisms of effect of IF1 on body weight were investigated in vitro and in vivo. Associations between genotypes of IF1 and obesity and relevant phe...
Abstract Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a highly prevalent disease and important unmet medical need. Current guidelines recommend, under specific restrictions, pioglitazone or vitamin E in patients with NASH and significant fibrosis, but the use of both remains off-label. We summarize evidence on medications for the treatment of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), since NASH has been mainly associated with higher morbidity and mortality. Some of these medications are currently in p...
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Abstract Background The role of fetal and neonatal growth in the development of adult-onset diseases such as obesity and metabolic syndrome has become increasingly appreciated. Fibroblast growth factor-21 (FGF-21) is known as a regulator of glucose and lipid metabolism. FGF-21 levels are elevated in obese adults and children. The role of FGF-21 in neonatal growth in preterm infants is not known. Objectives We aimed to evaluate the association of circulating FGF-21 levels in the first week of lif...
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Abstract Objective: Preeclampsia is a common disorder of pregnancy, causing significant morbidity and mortality for mothers and infants. Several molecules, including glycosylated fibronectin (GlyFn...
Abstract The dramatic increase in the prevalence of obesity coincides with a decline in reproductive health indices in both sexes. Energy excess mediates changes to the regulatory mechanisms of the reproductive system. Obese individuals exhibit increased estrogen concentrations, due to the overexpression of aromatase in the adipose tissue; via a negative feedback loop, men present with symptoms of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. These hormonal changes, along with increased oxidative stress, lipot...
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