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Published on Oct 1, 2018in Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 5.00
Nicolás M Ortega (Karolinska Institutet), Nerges Winblad1
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Understanding the genetic underpinning of early human development is of great interest not only for basic developmental and stem cell biology but also for regenerative medicine, infertility treatments, and better understanding the causes of congenital disease. Our current knowledge has mainly been generated with the use of laboratory animals, especially the mouse. While human and mouse early development present morphological resemblance, we know that the timing of the events as well as the cellu...
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Published on Aug 1, 2017in Nature 41.58
Nerges Winblad1
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Fredrik Lanner19
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The gene-editing technology CRISPR–Cas has been used in human embryos grown in vitro to correct a disease-associated mutation. The introduction of editing components at fertilization aided repair efficiency. See Article p.413
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