Mary Ellen Goldberg
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AbstractWhen considering physical rehabilitation (physiotherapy) for exotic and zoo animals, it is necessary to recognise painful behaviours in these patients prior to initiation of therapy. Once a creative treatment plan has been formulated, operant conditioning may be utilised in executing the various therapies. This article attempts to document therapies that have been used on various species that do not fall under the category of those normally receiving physiotherapy.
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AbstractWhat is the job of attacking offensive midfielder in soccer? The position will be somewhere between the midfield and the forward line, which means that they’ll be able to influence the “attack” high up in the field. Local anaesthetics (LA) are similar. LA used to be the only pain management available to veterinary practitioners, whether small or large animal practice, some 40 years ago. These blocks were used to stop any nerve impulses produced by cutting during surgery. LA are currently...
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AbstractChronic pain can be found in all mammals that have a nociceptive pathway. It is defined as pain that extends beyond the normal time of healing. This article deals with chronic pain that affects canine patients. Chronic pain and depression have both been shown to occur in mammals. Chronic pain can be divided into inflammatory pain, non-osteoarthritis–non-malignant pain and cancer pain. The pet owner is key in the recognition of chronic pain in dogs. There are validated chronic pain scales...
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