Benjamin M. Dykman
Washington State University
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#1Benjamin M. Dykman (WSU: Washington State University)H-Index: 2
The tendency to engage in globally negative self-evaluations (i.e., overgeneralization) is quite prevalent in depression but the precise nature of this tendency is little understood. This research examined whether the self-evaluations of dysphoric individuals differed in “degree” or “kind” from those of nondysphoric individuals. Dysphoric and nondysphoric students imagined themselves in various hypothetical situations and rated how they would evaluate themselves on 49 trait dimensions that varie...
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According to Beck's original theory, depressives make unwarranted negatively biased personal inferences. Specifically, Beck suggested that depressives ignore current positive situational information and are unduly influenced by current negative situational information in making inferences. To test Beck's theory, we used Kelley's normative model of causal inference to examine the utilization of causally relevant situational information by dysphoric, nondepressed, and very nondepressed subjects in...