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The new genus Gibbopterus gen. nov. is included among Scleropterini to accommodate the new species of wingless weevils Gibbopterus guizhounus sp. nov. and Gibbopterus tenuis sp. nov., both from southwest China. The new genus's relationships with its three close relatives — Scleropteroides, Scleropterus and Proscleropterus — are discussed.
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Basing on the study of the type specimen of Curculio pericarpius Linnaeus, 1758 preserved in the Linnean Collection in London, and here designated as the lectotype, it was found that this name was misapplied to another close species of the genus Rhinoncus Schoenherr, 1825 starting from the Paykull 1792 misidentification. As a consequence, the following new synonymies are established: Rhinoncus pericarpius (Linnaeus, 1758) [= Curculio castor Fabricius, 1792, syn. n.; = Curculio interstitialis Rei...
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