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Eya proteins (EYA1-4) are critical developmental transcriptional cofactors that contain an Eya domain (ED) harboring Tyr phosphatase activity. Eya proteins are largely downregulated post-embryogenesis but are re-expressed in cancers, and their Tyr phosphatase activity plays an important role in the DNA damage response and tumor progression. We previously identified a class of small molecule allosteric inhibitors that specifically inhibit the Tyr phosphatase activity of Eya2. Herein, we determine...
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The molecular mechanisms of exon definition and back-splicing are fundamental unanswered questions in pre-mRNA splicing. Here we report cryo-electron microscopy structures of the yeast spliceosomal E complex assembled on introns, providing a view of the earliest event in the splicing cycle that commits pre-mRNAs to splicing. The E complex architecture suggests that the same spliceosome can assemble across an exon, and that it either remodels to span an intron for canonical linear splicing (typic...
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Security is often a critical problem in software systems. The consequences of the failure lead to substantial economic loss or extensive environmental damage. Developing secure software is challenging, and retrofitting existing systems to introduce security is even harder. In this paper, we propose an automated approach for Finding and Repairing Bugs based on security patterns (FireBugs), to repair defects causing security vulnerabilities. To locate and fix security bugs, we apply security patte...
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In the version of this Article originally published, Supplementary Fig. 6j showed incorrect values for the LS and AG4 glutathione samples, and Fig. 5c and Supplementary Fig. 6j did not include all n = 6 samples for the hESC, Y-hiPSC and AG4-ZSCAN10 groups as was stated in the legend. In addition, the bars for hESC, Y-hiPSC, AG4-ZCNAN10, AG4 and LS in Supplementary Fig. 6i and j have been reproduced from Fig. 5b and c, respectively. Fig. 6e was also reproduced in the lower panel of Supplementary ...
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Interleukin-37 (IL-37), a member of the IL-1 family of cytokines, is a fundamental suppressor of innate and acquired immunities. Here, we used an integrative approach that combines biophysical, biochemical, and biological studies to elucidate the unique characteristics of IL-37. Our studies reveal that single amino acid mutations at the IL-37 dimer interface that result in the stable formation of IL-37 monomers also remain monomeric at high micromolar concentrations and that these monomeric IL-3...
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Introduction IDH1 mutation has been identified as an early genetic event driving low grade gliomas (LGGs) and it has been proven to exerts a powerful epigenetic effect. Cells containing IDH1 mutation are refractory to epigenetical reprogramming to iPSC induced by expression of Yamanaka transcription factors, a feature that we employed to study early genetic amplifications or deletions in gliomagenesis.
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In this paper, we investigate the accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensor-based cross-site input inference attacks that may compromise the security of many mobile Web users, and quantify the extent to which they can be effective. We formulate our attacks as a typical multi-class classification problem and build an inference framework that trains a classifier in the training phase and predicts the user’s new inputs in the attacking phase. To make our attacks effective and realistic, we design u...
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The originally published version of this Article contained several errors in Figure 2, panel a: the basepair register in SL3-4 of yeast U1 snRNA was depicted incorrectly; the basepair for A287-U295 in yeast U1 snRNA was erroneously present; basepairs for U84-G119, G309-U532, A288-U295 and U289-A294 in yeast U1 snRNA were missing; the bulging nucleotide in SL3 of human U1 snRNA was depicted as G instead of C; and the dashed boxes defining the 5′ ss binding site and Sm site in both human and yeast...