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This study provides a fine-grained analysis of the decision-making process and criteria underling the evaluation and selection of nascent corporate ventures. By integrating a small sample case-based analysis and the examination of a longitudinal dataset comprising 14 years of archival data, it explores the selection and funding process of early-stage entrepreneurial initiatives supported by the internal corporate venture unit of a major energy company. Its findings extend prior conceptualization...
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Last. Carmelo Cennamo (CBS: Copenhagen Business School)H-Index: 10
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Abstract This paper investigates how firms can orchestrate outbound open innovation strategically to accelerate technological progress among the firms they collaborate with, thus removing technological bottlenecks in their business ecosystem. We examine how a major oil and gas producer fostered, through its internal corporate venture unit, the development of new technologies aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of the oilfield services offered by its key providers. The comparative analysis of fi...
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Creative skills, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skills and management skills have all been positively associated with firm performance as well as regional growth. But do firms that combine these types of skills in their workforce grow more quickly than those that do not? We compare the impact of STEM, creative and management skills on their own, and in various combinations, on turnover growth. We use a longitudinal dataset of UK firms over the period 2008–2014 with lagge...
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Last. Monica Masucci (University of Sussex)H-Index: 2
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This study investigates the interplay of firms' business strategies and their export activities, with a special emphasis on the role of niche strategies in the early and fast internationalisation of new and young ventures. By coupling theoretical arguments with case-based empirical evidence, we offer insights on how the niche strategic pattern can influence internationalisation. Furthermore, we discuss the evolution over time of this strategic pattern. Our case evidence sheds light on the mechan...
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This study investigates the relationship between inbound and outbound open innovation activities. More specifically, drawing on a panel dataset of 322 European listed companies over a period of five years, it examines how the joint effect of inbound and outbound knowledge flows affects firm performance, measured both in terms of sales’ growth and profitability (ROA). Our preliminary findings suggest that under certain conditions their interaction may enhance firm performance. More specifically, ...
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The Brighton Fuse 2 project is a one-year AHRC funded research project. Dr Rajguru worked as a Research Fellow and undertook the qualitative research and has co-authored the Brighton Fuse Report with Dr Jonathan Sapsed, the Lead Investigator, Brighton Business School, Dr Roberto Camerani, Co-investigator, University of Sussex, Dr Monica Massuci, University of Sussex and Mylene Peterman, University of Sussex. Brighton Fuse 2 investigates the Freelance cluster within the Creative, IT and Digital (...
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