Haiyang Yang
Johns Hopkins University
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Five studies utilizing a variety of experimental approaches and secondary datasets show that a visual property present in all brand logos—the degree of symmetry/asymmetry—can interact with brand personality to impact brand equity. Specifically, compared to symmetrical logos, asymmetrical logos tend to be more arousing, leading to increased perceptions of excitement. As such, consumers tend to perceive asymmetrical logos as more congruent with brands that possess an exciting personality. This can...
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Recent developments in the field of artificial intelligence and data analytics are facilitating the automation of some consumer chores (e.g., in smart homes and in self-driving cars) and allow the emergence of big-data-driven, micro-targeting marketing practices (e.g., personalized content recommendation algorithms). We contend that those developments can generate a tension for marketers, consumers, and policy makers: They can, on the one hand, contribute to consumer well-being by making consume...
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Sin un estimulo externo, puede ser muy dificil superar las trampas de los impulsos viscerales
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#2Antonios Stamatogiannakis (IE University)H-Index: 3
Last.Amitava Chattopadhyay (Ad: INSEAD)H-Index: 27
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This research examines how self-construal (i.e., independent vs. interdependent) and goal type (i.e., attainment vs. maintenance) are conceptually linked and jointly impact consumer behavior. The results of five experiments and one field study involving different operationalizations of self-construal and goal pursuit activities suggest that attainment (maintenance) goals can be more motivating for participants with a more independent (interdependent) self-construal and that differences in salien...
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