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BACKGROUND: Delays in diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis (TB) remain common in high-burden countries. To improve case detection, substantial investments have been made to scale-up Xpert MTB/RIF (Xpert), a cartridge-based nucleic acid amplification test that can detect TB within 2 hours, as a replacement for sputum smear microscopy. However, the optimal strategy for implementation of Xpert testing remains unclear. METHODS: The Xpert Performance Evaluation for Linkage to Tuberculosis Care (XP...
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Purpose We evaluated outcomes of trainees who have completed Certificate program in Implementation Science at the University of California San Francisco. Methods All students who completed the in-person Certificate Program (2008-2015), or the online Certificate Program (2016-2017) were eligible for our study. We assessed the potential impact of the Certificate Program on the professional development of trainees, through participant surveys on their self-reported level of comfort with pre-defined...
BACKGROUND: Many high burden countries are scaling-up GeneXpert(R) MTB/RIF (Xpert) testing for tuberculosis (TB) using a hub-and-spoke model. However, the effect of scale up on reducing TB has been limited. We sought to characterize variation in implementation of referral-based Xpert TB testing across Uganda, and to identify health system factors that may enhance or prevent high-quality implementation of Xpert testing services. METHODS: We conducted a cross-sectional study triangulating quantita...
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Rationale Mathematical modelling is used to understand disease dynamics, forecast trends, and inform public health prioritization. We conducted a comparative analysis of tuberculosis (TB) epidemiol...
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Abstract Nucleic acid amplification tests such as Xpert MTB/RIF (Xpert) have the potential to revolutionize tuberculosis (TB) diagnostics and improve case finding in resource-poor settings. However, since its introduction over a decade ago in Uganda, there remain significant gaps along the cascade of care for patients undergoing TB diagnostic evaluation at peripheral health centers. We utilized a systematic, implementation science-based approach to identify key reasons at multiple levels for att...
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Abstract Background Pre-treatment loss to follow-up is common for patients diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) in high-burden countries. Delivering test results by Short-Messaging-Service (SMS) is increasingly being considered as a solution, but there is limited information about its feasibility as a public health tool in low resourced settings. Objective We sought to assess the feasibility of utilizing SMS technology to deliver TB test results during routine TB diagnostic evaluation in Uganda. Met...
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Global stakeholders including the World Health Organization rely on predictive models for developing strategies and setting targets for tuberculosis care and control programs. Failure to account for variation in individual risk leads to substantial biases that impair data interpretation and policy decisions. Anticipated impediments to estimating heterogeneity for each parameter are discouraging despite considerable technical progress in recent years. Here we identify acquisition of infection as ...
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A rapid diagnosis of drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) is critical for early initiation of effective therapy. Molecular testing with line probe assays (MTBDRplus and MTBDRsl) on culture isolates has been available for some time and significantly reduces the time to diagnosis of drug resistance. However, routine use of this test directly on sputum is less common. As part of enrollment screening procedures for tuberculosis clinical trials conducted in Hanoi, Vietnam, we evaluated the feasibility an...
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Abstract Rationale Many high-burden countries are scaling-up Xpert MTB/RIF using a hub-and-spoke model. We evaluated the quality of care for patients undergoing TB evaluation at microscopy centers (spokes) linked to Xpert testing sites (hubs) in Uganda. Objectives To characterize the extent to which patients were receiving care in accordance with international and national guidelines. Methods We conducted a prospective cohort study of all adults with presumptive pulmonary TB at 24 health centers...