Bernhard Ruthensteiner
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The minute snails of the troglobitic genus Zospeum are known from the southeastern Alps through the Dinarides and from the Pyrenees to the Cantabrian Mountains. The majority of Zospeum has been described from the northernmost region of Southeast Europe, the geographical focus of our study. The taxonomic value of the few available morphological shell characters has been debated for nearly as long as the genus is known. Recent results of genetic studies questioned the established taxonomic system ...
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#1Adrienne JochumH-Index: 6
#2Carlos PrietoH-Index: 20
Last. Anton J. de WinterH-Index: 1
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The present study aims to clarify the confused taxonomy of Z. schaufussi von Frauenfeld, 1862 and Zospeum suarezi Gittenberger, 1980. Revision of Iberian Zospeum micro snails is severely hindered by uncertainties regarding the identity of the oldest Iberian Zospeum species, Z. schaufussi von Frauenfeld, 1862. In this paper, we clarify its taxonomic status by designating a lectotype from the original syntype series and by describing its internal and external shell morphology. Using SEM-EDX, we at...
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Last. Adrien FavreH-Index: 1
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#1Adrienne JochumH-Index: 6
Last. Marian KampschulteH-Index: 16
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Three new species of the genus Carychium O.F. Muller, 1773, Carychium hardiei Jochum & Weigand, sp. n., Carychium belizeense Jochum & Weigand, sp. n. and Carychium zarzaae Jochum & Weigand, sp. n. are described from the Southeastern United States, Belize and Panama, respectively. In two consecu-tive molecular phylogenetic studies of worldwide members of Carychiidae, the North and Central American morphospecies Carychium mexicanum Pilsbry, 1891 and Carychium costaricanum E. von Martens, 1898 were...
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