V. I. Gerasimov
Moscow State University
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The low-temperature chemical crosslinking of a copolymer of vinylidene fluoride and tetrafluoroethylene was studied through various physicochemical methods. The reaction was conducted in solution in the presence of diethylenetriamine as a crosslinking agent. The penetration of the mixture molecules and the crosslinking agent only in the amorphous phase of the copolymer was provided via selection of the ratio between a good solvent (dimethylformamide) and a poor solvent (ethanol). Owing to this, ...
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The effect of shear fields on the rate of physical gelation in semidilute solutions of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyacrylonitrile in propylene carbonate and on the structural features of the resulting gels has been studied. At 30–70°C in the uniform shear field, the induction period of gelation decreases from several hours to several seconds with an increase in the shear stress. The patterns of these dependences are rather close at shear stresses above 20 Pa, while significant differences are...
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Structural rearrangements in solutions of high-molecular-mass polyacrylonitrile in propylene carbonate upon phase separation were studied and quantitatively characterized by means of turbidity spectroscopy and oscillation rheometry with the use of previous data obtained via the light transmission technique. The kinetic features of separation of the new phase and the particle size growth were established. It was shown that there is a time lag between the onset of physical-gel formation in the sys...
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Examples of the formation of ordered ensembles of α-, β-, and γ-cyclodextrins (CDs) molecules with a columnar packing of macrocycles are reported. These ensembles are formed by (1) the supramolecular dissociation of polymer inclusion complexes under the action of organic solvents that are selective with respect to a polymer guest and (2) the fixation of columnar CD aggregates self-organized in aqueous solutions at high temperatures upon the precipitation from water into organic solvents. Specifi...
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Structural features of heat-treated chitosan films cast from polymer solutions in formic and acetic acids were studied by scanning electron microscopy and X-ray analysis. It was shown that thermally modified films acquire a less crystalline but more homogeneous (at the morphological level) structure. Additional structural rearrangements take place in chitosan during pervaporation separation of water-isopropanol mixtures due to swelling of the polymer and intensification of relaxation processes. ...
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A new system of liquid-crystal composites has been obtained, consisting of a porous polyacrylonitrile gel with the low-molecular-weight nematic liquid crystal (LC) N-(4-methoxybenzylidene)-4-butylaniline introduced into the pores. The optical properties of the LC composites have been studied as a function of the temperature and the pore size of the polymeric material. It is shown that the LC composites remain opaque all the way to the mesophase?isotropic-melt phase-transition temperature, wherea...
The effect of phase separation in a polymer solution resulting in gel formation on the character of interaction of this system with the precipitator was studied. The formation of finger-shaped channels at a polymer solution-precipitator interface was used for qualitative estimation of the stability of the resulting gel depending on the time of its aging (for the PAN-DMAA-water system).
It was shown that two kinds of inclusion complexes with β-cyclodextrin may be prepared depending on the phase state of a polymer guest, poly(propylene oxide). In a homogeneous solution, complex A is obtained, while in the case of emulsion, complex B appeared. The compositions of both complexes are independent of the molecular mass of the polymer and correspond to a molar ratio of β-cyclodextrin: poly(propylene oxide) repeat unit: H 2 O = 1: 2: n. The number of water molecules n is 6 and 2 for co...
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It was shown that treating polymer inclusion complexes with organic solvents selective with respect to a thread macromolecule leads to a complete transition of polymers to solutions. Powderlike products obtained upon removal of the polymer and containing only cyclodextrin and water were found to be unknown crystalline forms II of hydrated cyclodextrins with columnar organization of the macrocycles. The crystalline forms II are thermally less stable compared to the crystal hydrates of the initial...
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