Faten Karim
Uncertainty avoidanceBusinessCloud computing securityHofstede's cultural dimensions theoryCloud computing
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Cloud computing is a novel trend in the sphere of information technology. This research sought to identify the factors that could influence the adoption of cloud computing in Saudi Arabian universities, and to comprehend the theories of technology adoption that apply to the uptake of cloud computing in organisations or for individuals, and how they pertained to the study reported here. Four categories of possible influencers were investigated: technological, organisational, environmental, and cu...
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The main advantage of cloud computing is to reduce the IT cost. By using cloud computing, organisations do not have to set up an IT infrastructure, and instead are able to rent resources and give payment only for the using services. Even with the appealing of cloud computing benefits, it is still in infancy in developing countries due to many reasons. Technology adoption has been explored to a limited degree in developing countries, particularly in relation to cloud computing in the tertiary edu...
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