Masakazu Gotoda
Tokyo University of Science
ParticleSpiral (railway)Stokes numberMarangoni numberClassical mechanics
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Last. Ichiro UenoH-Index: 14
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#1Aro Toyama (Ridai: Tokyo University of Science)H-Index: 1
#2Masakazu Gotoda (Ridai: Tokyo University of Science)H-Index: 2
Last. Ichiro Ueno (Ridai: Tokyo University of Science)H-Index: 14
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We focus on unique phenomena known as particle accumulation structure (PAS), especially on the conditions of the existence for second-type spiral loop PAS (SL-2 PAS) and on their formation processes under normal gravity. We investigate the existence conditions as functions the aspect ratio of the liquid bridge and the Marangoni number, the intensity of the thermocapillary effect. We discuss the differences among SL-1 PAS, SL-2 PAS and the flow field without PAS through observation of the solid-l...
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#1Masakazu Gotoda (Ridai: Tokyo University of Science)H-Index: 2
#2Denis Melnikov (ULB: Université libre de Bruxelles)H-Index: 16
Last. Valentina Shevtsova (ULB: Université libre de Bruxelles)H-Index: 28
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We present experimental results obtained under normal gravity on the dynamics of solid particles in periodic oscillatory thermocapillary-driven flows in a non-isothermal liquid bridge made of decane. Inertial particles of different densities and in the size range approximately 0.75−75 μm are able to form stable coherent structures (particle accumulation structures, or PASs). Two image processing techniques were developed and successfully applied to compute time required for an ensemble of partic...
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