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Zengkui Guo
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Published on Aug 1, 1999in Diabetes 7.27
Zengkui Guo1
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Donald D. Hensrud28
Estimated H-index: 28
(Mayo Clinic)
+ 1 AuthorsMichael Dennis Jensen27
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To examine if postprandial splanchnic/hepatic free fatty acid (FFA) delivery is increased in upper-body (UB) obesity, and to determine the adipose tissue depots responsible for the greater postprandial FFA availability, we measured systemic and regional uptake and release of FFAs ([1-(14)C]palmitate) before and during a 5-h frequent-feeding mixed meal in eight UB and eight lower-body (LB) obese women. Postabsorptive FFA flux and splanchnic FFA delivery were not different in UB and LB obese women...
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