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Methodologie, donnees collectees et traitements des specialistes Approche analyse sensorielle ► Est-ce que presenter un objet fini (coque de telephone) ou un echantillon de matiere change la perception ? Si oui, comment ? ► Experiences-selon un protocole precis :-presenter a 23 utilisateurs 12 echantillons ou 12 objets-les faire placer sur la Nappomatic ®-demander a caracteriser les groupes formes avec des mots libres. ► Traitement des donnees avec des outils standards (a l'exception des mots, d...
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Abstract: Many mechanisms have been proposed to describe the different hydrogen embrittlement processes. The materials' variability and their properties, their conditions of use and the nature of the surrounding environment make it difficult to establish a single fundamental theory or approach to describe hydrogen embrittlement (HE). Experimental validations of these mechanisms are often based on a set of conditions (metallurgy, mechanical loading, surface hydrogen activity, volume concentration...
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Abstract Consolidation processes aimed at manufacturing cellular solids from bioglasses often result in a glass-ceramic microstructure, whose response to aqueous environment affects their performance. In this study, we evaluated the microstructure and the effect of crystallization on the dissolution mechanism of a Bioglass®-based glass-ceramic scaffold, produced with a powder metallurgy inspired technology. All the experiments are conducted in a controlled aqueous environment in order to avoid n...
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#1Jessica Dacleu Ndengue (ENSMP: Mines ParisTech)H-Index: 2
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The tactile perception of a surface texture is mediated by factors such as material, topography, and vibrations induced by the sliding contact. In this paper, sensory characterizations are developed together with topographical and tribo-tactile characterizations to relate perceived features with objective measurements of tribological and dynamic signals. Two sets of surface samples are used in this study: the first set is made of a commercial floor covering tiles that aim at counter-typing natur...
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Holistic approach for industrial innovation is obtained in integrated design teams by mixing up backgrounds and skills into multidiscipline teams. However, is mixing enough? To go further than a simple addition of skills and create a synergy, the key ingredient is to favour communication and understanding between individuals in the team. Our contribution as a graduate school of engineering is to impulse the establishment of common languages and favour constructive interactions between future eng...
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In this article, we investigate the benefit of including texture information in models of gloss perception of low-gloss textured achromatic plastic surfaces from the automotive industry. 4 models are compared: two gloss prediction models including texture information, one using data from reflectometry (M1) and one using data from goniophotometry (M2), and two models using data from reflectometry (M3) or goniophotometry (M4) alone. Both texture-corrected models (M1-M2) outclass the uncorrected in...
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Last.David Delafosse (Ecole nationale supérieure des mines de Saint-Étienne)H-Index: 12
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We investigate the gonioapparent character of colored anodized titanium surfaces. In appropriate experimental conditions, the anodizing process generates a homogeneous oxide layer at the surface of the metal, with a thickness comparable with the visible wavelengths of light. The anodized metallic surfaces thus exhibit interferential colors, which depend on the thickness of the oxide layer and have the particularity to vary according to the illumination and observation directions. They are said t...
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#1Gouenou Girardin ('ENS Paris': École Normale Supérieure)H-Index: 3
#2C. Huvier (University of La Rochelle)H-Index: 2
Last.Xavier Feaugas (University of La Rochelle)H-Index: 23
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Various forms of the plastic deformation in single crystals are studied in pure and hydrogen-containing nickel and nickel alloys oriented for single slip [1 3 5] and strained in the stage III regime (shear strain, gamma = 0.8). The heterogeneity of deformation is investigated at two distinct scales: slip bands and dislocation structures, using atomic force microscopy (AFM) and transmission electronic microscopy (TEM). Size and distribution of slip band thicknesses and geometrically necessary bou...
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Anodizing of aluminum generates a nanoporous alumina layer comprising cylindrical nanopores extending essentially perpendicular to the substrate. Visual observation of such nanoporous layers shows a colored specular reflectance consistent with reflectance spectrum measurements. Such structural colors raise interest in particular for producing non-fading colors. However the optical behavior is complex and requires specific characterization setups and modelling approaches. A morphological and opti...
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