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ABSTRACTFor many years, the mistreatment of women in particular has essentially been normalized in many parts of the music industry. In recent years, however, there has been an increase in women coming forward and telling their stories, and asking that men be held accountable for wrongdoing. This interdisciplinary (sociology and philosophy) paper pursues two key feminist questions prompted by recent developments. Firstly: How has the construction of the history of popular music legitimated the c...
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The gendered marketing of children’s toys is under considerable scrutiny, as reflected by numerous consumer-led campaigns and vigorous media debates. This article seeks to assist stakeholders to better understand the ethical and scientific assumptions that underlie the two opposing positions in this debate, and assess their relative strength. There is apparent consensus in the underlying ethical foundations of the debate, with all commentators seeming to endorse the values of corporate social re...
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Virginia (Ginni) Hall had a long career spanning nursing, youth work, social work and social work education. In a voluntary/community service capacity, Ginni has been involved in community health, legal aid, women’s services, family and children’s services, youth services, aged care, electoral reform, community housing, Indigenous issues, international development and justice, and environmental initiatives. She is known for her independence and courage, her energy, dedication and resilience, and...
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Positively and universally respected by those who know of his work, John Gavaghan is known for his commitment to clients, unfailing fairness, warmth and good humour, optimism and hope, and an ability to courageously tackle difficult and entrenched issues while operating reflectively and in the interests of others. He has been described as a man who is able to integrate the compassion of the heart with the intellect of the head.
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Little research has been published that is specifically relevant to professional social work ethics in Kenya. This paper seeks to address this gap in the literature. One of the major challenges is maintaining professional social work ethics, which are predominantly Western-based, in an African cultural context. This paper argues for an Afrocentric approach, specifically proposing Ubuntu as a helpful concept that could guide the development of professional social work ethics that are relevant to ...
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