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This paper is to analyze the issues arose during water-flooding exploitation of the low-permeability sandstone reservoir in Ordos Basin, China, and to provide relevant theoretical supports. The method of sandstone micro-model for water flooding experiment was used here to simulate water flooding process, in order to analyze the characteristics of water flooding in low permeability sandstone reservoir from the microscopic view. In addition, the study explored affecting factors to displacement eff...
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Tectonic migration, a widespread geographic phenomenon prevailing in China basins, refers to that tectonic movement, sedimentation, magmatism and other geological process in basin have regularly migrated towards a particular direction in a certain geological evolution period, which are triggered by tectonization such as tectonic plate motion, mantle uplift and so on. Statistics obtained from elements of faults and materials on sedimentary and volcanic in Qikou sag are analyzed to study the movem...
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Ordos Basin, rich in multi-energy resources of oil, gas and uranium, is a depression basin within the Late Triassic-to-early Cretaceous craton, which overlapps on the Paleozoic craton basin. The basin started its later reformation in the Late Cretaceous, which is of significant importance to energy deposits. Few studies have, however, been focused on ages of the reformation and its characteristics. Based on the analysis of the regional geological settings and Cenozoic sedimentary structures, com...
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Ordos Block is considered as a rather stable basin in Cenozoic by most researchers. The result of our study is different from this opinion. Before the Cenozoic, tectonic movement directions are uplifted in the eastern part and sunk in the western part of the basin. The oldest Cenozoic strata which deposit in the east part of Ordos Basin are Neogene red clays. They appear on both Pre-Tertiary and Post-Mesozoic geological maps of Ordos Basin. According to fission track dating data from various res...
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Natural gas, in its migration from source rocks to release zones may travel a long distance and change the geochemical characteristics of the rocks which it flowed through. In order to study the geochemical evidence of the natural gas migration, 24 samples were taken from different natural gas migration zones in the Ordos Basin, China. Five samples of them are from natural gas release zones (dark sandstone samples), 17 samples are from bleaching zones (bleaching sandstone samples), and two sampl...
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In order to study the relationship of energy mineral deposits and tectonic movements in Ordos basin, more than 82 samples were taken for determination of apatite and zircon fission tracks. Furthermore, 93 apatite and zircon fission tracks have been selected from other publications. According to these data and other geological background, the evolution of Ordos basin can be divided into 4 stages, and the reformation of the basin can be divided into 5 stages. The basin formation and development we...
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