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The rate of traffic accidents caused by low driver awareness for the confirmation of surrounding safety is high. In this study, we improved driver safety confirmation by using the technique of unconscious learning and action. Here, we assumed that drivers will unconsciously learn an alarm pattern that sounds during dangerous scenarios when driving. In our experiment, we used a driving simulator and eye mark recorder. Subjects were drivers who do not check their environment fully. The experiment ...
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#2Shuji Sudo (Shibaura Institute of Technology)
Abstract When changing lanes or making a right or left turn, drivers need to conduct a series of actions, such as checking the surroundings, turning on the turn signal, and steering. In this study, we alert the drivers who did not check the environment completely before making lane changes or turns, with a gentle alarm sound. Experiments with a driving simulator have shown that drivers can be unconsciously trained to carry out the needed series of actions. Therefore, in this paper, we report the...
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Abstract Traffic congestion is one of the largest traffic problems and one solution is a prediction of its generation. Traffic congestion comes from three phases order: the free travel phase, the meta-stability phase, and the traffic congestion phase. Therefore, it can be considered that if the meta-stability phase can be detected, forecasting traffic congestion becomes possible. This paper proposes a driver model that forecasts traffic congestion based on changes in driving behavior and that do...
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The objective of this paper is to simulate the algorithm to detect object for Automated Guide Vehicle (AGV) guidance problem, namely to obstacle avoidance. Currently, the AGV is a transport vehicle widely used in manufacturing factories and plays an important role in the design of material handling system, moving goods to raw materials or finished product to rightful destination that work automatically. This method has been designed for use in security of internal transportation system in order ...
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