Danielle W. Wadsworth
University of Michigan
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Purpose The present study examined changes in body composition, maximum oxygen uptake, and physical activity in sedentary office employees prescribed with two different walking programs during a 10-week intervention. Methods 68 sedentary employees were randomly assigned to one of three groups: multiple bouts of walking (n = 24 (5 male, 19 female) Age = 46±9, BMI = 30.5±5.78 kg/m2), continuous walking (n = 22 (6 male, 16 female) Age = 48±9, BMI = 30.6±6.2 kg/m2) and the control group (n = 22 (5 m...
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Background: We sought to determine the effect of multiple walking breaks from sedentary behavior (SED) on glucose responses in sedentary obese women. Materials and Methods: Ten women [aged = 36 (5) y, body mass index = 38.0 (1.6) kg/m2, body fat = 49.6 (1.4)%] completed 3 conditions (48-h “washout” in-between conditions) following a standardized meal in random order: 4-hour SED, 4-hour SED with 2 minutes of moderate-intensity walking every 30 minutes (SED + 2 min), and 4-hour SED with 5 minutes ...
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