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Abstract Metallothioneins (MTs) exhibit binding affinity for several essential and toxic trace elements. Previous studies in rodents indicated sex differences in the hepatic and renal expression of MTs and concentrations of various elements. The mechanism responsible for these differences has not been resolved. Here, in the liver and kidney tissues of sham-operated and gonadectomized male and female rats we determined the expression of MT1 and MT2 (MT1&2) mRNA by RT-PCR, abundance of MT1&2 prote...
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Abstract The molecular mechanisms that control the limited number of human cell divisions has occupied researchers ever since its first description in 1961. There is evidence that this limited growth capacity, referred to as cellular or replicative senescence, is the basis for organismal ageing. Numerous studies point to the molecular mechanisms of telomere involvement in this phenomenon. A hallmark of cell senescence is high stochasticity where individual cells enter senescence in a completely ...
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Abstract This study was performed in a group of adult vegetarians (N = 40) and matched non-vegetarian subjects (N = 40) in order to analyse differences in health-related biomarkers. Obtained results revealed differences in various biomarkers between subjects on a traditional mixed and vegetarian diet, indicating that vegetarians have a lower nutritional status of some nutrients (Ca, Cu and Zn, and vitamins B12 and D) accompanied with a lower antioxidant defence system (glutathione) and higher ho...
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Mathematical modeling and computational simulations are often used to explain the stochastic nature of cell aging. The models published thus far are based on the molecular mechanisms of telomere biology and how they dictate the dynamics of cell culture proliferation. However, the influence of cell growth conditions on telomere dynamics has been widely overlooked. These conditions include interactions with surrounding cells through contact inhibition, gradual accumulation of non-dividing cells, c...
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Obesity is composed of multifunctional interactions of eating habits, behaviors, microbiota, genetics, and other unknown factors. We hypothesize that correlations occur between the fat mass and obesity-associated single nucleotide polymorphisms (FTO SNPs), the composition of microorganisms in the saliva, and life habits in obese women, from Zagreb County. Our results of the analysis of three FTO SNPs showed a statistically significant positive correlation among the frequencies of the high- risk ...
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