Yogesh Chawla
Cornell University
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The Mycobacterium tuberculosis kinase PknB is essential for growth and survival of the pathogen in vitro and in vivo. Here we report the results of our efforts to elucidate the mechanism of regulation of PknB activity. The specific residues in the PknB extracytoplasmic domain that are essential for ligand interaction and survival of the bacterium are identified. The extracytoplasmic domain interacts with mDAP-containing LipidII, and this is abolished upon mutation of the ligand-interacting resid...
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The cell wall of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) is a complex structure that protects the pathogen in hostile environments. Peptidoglycan (PG), which helps determine the morphology of the cell envelope, undergoes substantial remodeling under stress. This meshwork of linear chains of sugars, crosslinked through attached peptides, is generated through the sequential action of enzymes termed transglycosylases and transpeptidases. The Mtb genome encodes two classical transglycosylases and four tran...
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Abstract The essential mycobacterial protein kinases PknA and PknB play crucial roles in modulating cell shape and division. However, the precise in vivo functional aspects of PknA have not been investigated. This study aims to dissect the role of PknA in mediating cell survival in vitro as well as in vivo. We observed aberrant cell shape and severe growth defects when PknA was depleted. Using the mouse infection model we observe that PknA is essential for survival of the pathogen in the host. C...
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The Mycobacterium tuberculosis protein kinase B (PknB) comprises an intracellular kinase domain, connected through a transmembrane domain to an extracellular region that contains four PASTA domains. The present study describes the comprehensive analysis of different domains of PknB in the context of viability in avirulent and virulent mycobacteria. We find stringent regulation of PknB expression necessary for cell survival, with depletion or overexpression of PknB leading to cell death. Although...
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Escherichia coli-mycobacterium shuttle vectors are important tools for gene expression and gene replacement in mycobacteria. However, most of the currently available vectors are limited in their use because of the lack of extended multiple cloning sites (MCSs) and convenience of appending an epitope tag(s) to the cloned open reading frames (ORFs). Here we report a new series of vectors that allow for the constitutive and regulatable expression of proteins, appended with peptide tag sequences at ...
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