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Objective Gamification broadly refers to the use of game design elements in non-game contexts with the goal of promoting users’ engagement. Gamification strategies appear as an advantageous tool to increase the motivation and involvement of users. The purpose of this systematic review is to identify studies using gamification strategies in distinct intervention contexts and to describe their impact in each type of intervention. Thus, the focus is on the construct (gamification) rather than on a ...
Hospitalization poses diverse challenges to school-aged youth well-being and their educational path. Some inpatients, due to the hospitalization duration, frequency or the needed recovery period at home, may struggle when returning to school. To help youth cope with this challenge, several hospitals have been implementing educational interventions tailored to the school-aged children and adolescents needs. Nevertheless, pediatric inpatients with short stays and/or with a recovery period at home ...
Antecedentes: partiendo de un enfoque centrado en la persona, el proposito de este trabajo es identificar diferentes perfiles de estudiantes en funcion del tiempo que dedican a los deberes escolares y de la gestion que hacen de ese tiempo; asi como tambien analizar las diferencias entre ellos en la cantidad de deberes realizados y en el rendimiento academico. Metodo: con una muestra de 968 estudiantes de Educacion Primaria, se llevaron a cabo analisis de perfiles latentes (LPA) y ANOVA. Una vez ...
Childhood obesity rates have been increasing over the years and is considered one of the most serious public health problems of the century. Low socioeconomic status has been associated with a higher body mass index. However, the pathways underlying this complex relationship are poorly understood. This study aimed to evaluate the possible mediation and/or moderation effects of complexity of knowledge about healthy eating, and self-regulation processes towards healthy eating, in the association b...
This study assessed the efficacy of an educational program focused on the promotion of school engagement in children with Cerebral Palsy. A 9 weeks, narrative-based intervention program, with a pre-post neuropsychological and self-report evaluation, was developed with a dual focus: a self-regulation theoretical model and executive function stimulation. Fifteen children with Cerebral Palsy participated in the study. Results showed a significant main effect of time (F(2.82) = 6.04, p = 0.0066, par...
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The effectiveness of homework on improving student academic achievement depends on several factors; for example, feedback provided by the teacher (i.e. grading) and student engagement are important moderators in this process. However, the relationships between the types of homework feedback commonly used by teachers and student school engagement have not yet been examined. Anchored in the Self-Determination Theory, this mixed methods sequential explanatory study investigated how five types of te...
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Classroom questioning can be considered a key factor in the promotion of student engagement. This case study explored classroom questioning practices and perceptions of a group of 47 first-year law students and their respective teacher. Eight lessons of 90 minutes were observed and audio-taped. Students and the teacher answered a questionnaire. The teacher was also interviewed. The number and type of questions asked by the teacher and by the students were examined. Students and teacher perceptio...