Yun Huang
Nanjing Medical University
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Anopheles sinensis is an important malaria vector in Southeast Asia. The widespread emergence of insecticide resistance in this mosquito species poses a serious threat to the efficacy of malaria control measures, particularly in China. Recently, the whole-genome sequencing and de novo assembly of An. sinensis (China strain) has been finished. A series of insecticide-resistant studies in An. sinensis have also been reported. There is a growing need to integrate these valuable data to provide a co...
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Background Chemical insecticides have hugely reduced the prevalence of vector-borne diseases around the world, but resistance threatens their continued effectiveness. Despite its importance, cuticle resistance is an under-studied area, and exploring the detailed molecular basis of resistance is critical for implementing suitable resistance management strategies.
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Cuticular proteins (CPs) are implicated in insecticide resistance in mosquito populations. Here, we investigated the role of cuticular genes in regulation of insecticide resistance in Culex pipiens pallens. We identified two CpCPRs (CpCPR63 and CpCPR47) that exhibited higher transcript levels in pyrethroid-resistant strains than in susceptible strains. Mosquito mortality was increased after knockdown of CpCPR genes by dsRNA injection. The RNA interference experiment suggested an interaction betw...
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Abstract Excessive and continuous application of deltamethrin has resulted in the development of deltamethrin resistance among mosquitoes, which becomes a major obstacle for mosquito control. In a previous study, differentially expressed miRNAs between deltamethrin-susceptible (DS) strain and deltamethrin-resistant (DR) strain using illumina sequencing in Culex pipiens pallens were identified. In this study, we applied RNAi and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) bottle bioassay...
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