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Rice is the most important staple food crop for people in developing countries, particularly for Asia and for the humid tropics across the globe. Almost 90 percent of rice is produced and consumed in Asia, and 96 percent in developing countries. Rice production has increased faster than population over the last three decades, in spite of being produced on small and marginal farms in countries with extreme population pressure and limited land resources. Most of the increase in production has come...
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#1Mahabub HossainH-Index: 1
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The growth in rice consumption has started slowing down because of urbanization, increases in per capita income leading to diversification of the diet, high levels of rice consumption already reached in many countries, and progress in reducing population growth. But, the growth in rice supply has also slowed down because of the yield approaching economic optimum for the irrigated ecosystem, decline in relative profitability of rice cultivation, increasing concerns regarding environmental protect...
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